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Dear A. L. Painting:

I just wanted to thank you and your crew for doing such a good job removing the wallpaper and painting the bathroom.
I especially appreciate how well you cleaned up after you completed the job. Cleaning up after the job is finished is very important to me.
Thank you again for the fine job.


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Choosing Interior color(s)

Pick a Pattern

Interior Painting
– Almost every room has a pattern in it somewhere. It might be in a picture, a rug, the bedspread or on an upholstered piece of furniture. It is much easier to start with the pattern, than to try to find a pattern to fit into a given color scheme later on. From the colors in your pattern, we will create the palette for the room.

Add A Darker Color As An Accent

Dark Accent
– Now sprinkle in the darker color on the accessories and small furniture pieces. Use these for punch and distribute them evenly throughout the room.

Three Color
– By rotating the three colors you can place a greater emphasis on the background or furniture. Your eye typically will gravitate towards the darker, brighter colors.

Our uniformed staff of residential painters includes interior and exterior house painting professionals who are licensed, insured and committed to excellence in service to our customers.

Interior House Painting Services

The amount of painting preparation needed depends on three factors;

  1. If the surface is in relatively good condition and previously painted,
  2. If it shows signs of severe wear and tear, or
  3. If unpainted and needing many steps before the finish paint can be applied.

Many of the basic interior painting preparation steps are relevant to all situations, whether a room is in good shape or needing extensive repair.

How We Prep The Room (Or House) For Professional Interior Painting Results

  • Furniture is moved out or moved to the center of the room
  • Bulky, oversized, difficult to move items are covered with heavy duty cloth
  • Carpeted areas are protected with high traffic plastic
  • Tiled, hardwood or vinyl floors are covered with rosin paper
  • Imperfect drywall, nail holes, nail pops, cracks, etc. are professionally patched or caulked

Brush vs. Spray For Interior House Painting

Together, we’ll decide which interior painting technique will work best to help you achieve the look you want.

When it comes to interior painting, many homeowners are confused about the difference in interior painting techniques with a brush versus painting with a sprayer. Depending on your painting goals, one technique might work better than the other.

For example, if you are on a budget and a time crunch, spray painting an interior room or the home’s exterior surface might make sense. For interior and exterior painting, spray painting is a faster process than brush painting.

When The Job Is Done

  • All protective materials are discarded
  • Furniture is returned to the space and positioned properly
  • Ensure any painted windows and doors open and close
  • Walk through project with the homeowner
  • Explain our 3 Year No Fear! warranty

Interior House Preparation and Painting

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