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Volker and Stephanie recommend A.L Painting. Competitive budget and superb execution on Power Washing, Caulking, Elastomeric Stucco Coating. Trim painting and deck sealing. Lazaro and his expanded team performed a beautiful job in a timely manner, even considering weather and pollen conditions in order to come up with an immaculate finish.

Very considerate on picking the best colors and love for detail.

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Choosing Exterior color(s)

– The simpler your house, the fewer colors you’ll need. For an elaborate Victorian, plan to use four to six colors.

– Light colors will make your house seem larger. Dark colors or bands of trim will make your house seem smaller, but will draw more attention to details.

– For some accents, consider using darker or lighter shades instead of changing color.

– Avoid extreme contrasts. Choose colors that are related.

– Study color samples outside, but never in direct sunlight. Bright sun will distort the color.

Our uniformed staff of residential painters includes interior and exterior house painting professionals who are licensed, insured and committed to excellence in service to our customers.

Exterior House Painting Services

Protecting your home from the elements with professional exterior painting is an investment, not an expense.

The truth is, exterior painting is not where you want to cut corners. Using anything less than a high quality paint and premium painting supplies could make your home vulnerable.

We know that customer satisfaction and maintaining a spirit of excellence are the real success factors for our business.

Extensive preparation to the exterior surfaces of the home is required when considering the desired results of exterior painting. While spray painting the exterior surface is appropriate, some home owners consider brush exterior painting for a lustrous, rich finish that is hand applied by a exterior painting professional.

How We Prep Your House For Professional Exterior Painting Results

  • Pressure wash the entire exterior
    (removes loose and peeling paint, mold and mildew, dust and pollen)
    * Please allow a day of full sun to ensure complete exterior drying
  • Cracks and holes are filled in and sanded smooth
  • Remaining peeling paint is hand scraped
  • Bare wood is primed by hand
  • Shrubbery, plant beds and flowers are covered for protection
  • Windows and decorative doors are covered with plastic sheeting

Brush vs. Spray For Exterior House Painting

When The Job Is Done

  • All protective exterior painting materials and tape is discarded
  • Exterior windows are cleaned
  • Ensure any painted windows and doors open and close
  • Walk through project with the homeowner
  • Explain our 3 Year No Fear! warranty

Exterior House Preparation and Painting

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